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SUMO Paint

Kalau saya lihat, saat ini sudah ada beberapa penyedia layanan online image editor dari yang sebatas menyediakan fungsi khusus dan instan seperti LogoEase, PicArtia, atau Gickr, maupun yang sudah mempunyai berbagai fitur seperti Splasup, FotoFlexer, Picnik, atau Adobe Photoshop Express. Salah satu online image editor yang dilengkapi dengan banyak fitur dan menggunakan pendekatan interface layaknya Adobe Photoshop adalah SUMO Paint. Sumo paint dapat digunakan untuk membuat dan mengolah image baik yang sudah tersimpan pada Sumo account, dari komputer, maupun image yang sudah ada di internet dengan memasukkan URL-nya.

Seperti beberapa online image editor yang telah ada, SUMO Paint berjalan sebagai apliaksi Flash yang sudah dilengkapi dengan basic tools untuk image editing sampai dengan yang tingkat advanced. Dan pengolahan image cukup dilakukan dari browser dengan catatan sudah mendukung penggunaan aplikasi flash, dan dapat disetting untuk masuk mode full screen sehingga seperti aplikasi desktop tanpa terganggu toolbar browser.

Daftar fitur yang disediakan SUMO Paint seperti disebutkan pada websitenya, yaitu:

  • Layers with blending modes
    SUMO Paint has advanced support for layers. The layers support these features: Opacity, Blend mode, Hide, Duplicate, Rotate, Merge Visible, Merge Down, Flatten, Delete, Bring to Front, Send to Back, Move Up and Move Down.
  • Layer Effects
    Sumopaints layer effects remain editable after saving to Sumo account. Currently Sumopaint has the following layer effects: drop shadow, inner shadow, outer glow, inner glow, bevel, color overlay and stroke.
  • Shape Tools
    Sumopaint has a wide selection of unique shape tools. All the Shape tools supports Shape Trails and Shape Effects properties. The shape options bar includes also sliders for changing Line Opacity, Line Diameter and Fill Opacity. Symmetric shape tools include the option to change the number of symmetry points (sides).
  • Brush Tool
    Sumopaint offers a wide selection of brushes for digital painters and tablet fanatics. The Brush tools options bar has slider for setting diameter, opacity and flow values. The brush tool supports Scattering, Random rotation, Gravity, Blend Modes and Brush Effects including Smoothing, Bevel, Wet Edges and Ink.
  • Ink Tool
    The ink mode is a unique feature of Sumopaint for creating realistic ink impressions. Adjust ink wetness with the mode value slider. The ink mode can be applied to the Brush Tool, Ink Tool, Pen Tool, Symmetry Tool and all the Shape Tools.
  • TextTool
    The sumopaints rich text editor uses the true type fonts installed in the users local computer. The text object can be scaled and edited at the same time. The text tool also has a option to transform the text (scale, rotation and skew).
  • Clone Stamp Tool
    The Clone stamp tool enables real-time drawing with Sumopaints brush shapes.You can set diameter, opacity and flow for the brush and use the following effects: scattering, random rotate, gravity,smoothing, wet edges, bevel, ink and smoothed ink. Use Shift+click or Alt+click to set the clone source point.
  • Eraser Tool
    The eraser tool has a wide selection of brushes and also supports scattering, random rotation and gravity. There are also sliders for diameter, opacity and hardness for adjusting the level and size of erasure.
  • Filters
    Sumo paint has several advanced filters including but not limited to Blur, Perlin Noise, Hue / Saturation, Liquid Waves and Color Balance.
  • Gradient Tool
    The gradient tool is quite advanced giving the option to tweak multiple properties such as linear/radial, focal point, spread method and blend mode. The tool has a real time preview, so applying a gradient is not guesswork.
  • Gravity
    Gravity option smoothes the drawn line to curves, making it easy to create abstract and beautiful artwork. The option is available in Symmetry and Brush tools
  • Custom Shape Tool
    The Sumopaint custom shape tool lets you draw your own custom shapes and fills the shape when the mouse button is released.
  • Shape Trails
    Shape trails option creates ghost trails for the shape given, creating an interesting and cool effect. Experiment with opacities to get the effect you want. Shape trails is available in Rectangle, Circle, Pie, Star, Round Star and Blade Star tools.
  • Symmetry Tool
    With the legendary symmetry tool and its multiple properties you can create beautiful symmetrical creations. Experiment with symmetry points, gravity and modes to get exactly the result you want.
  • Transform Tool
    The Sumopaint Transform tool supports resizing, rotating and skewing and the possibility to use smoothingfor the transformed object.
  • Magic Wand Tool
    The Sumopaint Magic Wand tool has a unique way of showing the selections feather value. At Sumopaint we call this "the glowing ants". The Magic Wand has sliders for adjusting tolerance and feather and you can also add or subtract area from existing selection with the magic wand tool.
  • Lasso Tool
    The Sumopaint lasso tool has a unique way of showing the selections feather value. At Sumopaint we call this "the glowing ants". You can also add or subtract area from existing selection with the lasso tool.
  • Smudge Tool
    Sumopaint smudge tool has a big selection of brushes and a possibility to use the following blending modes: Normal, Lighten, Darken.
  • Blur Tool
    The blur tool has a nice selection of brushes and a possibility to use the following blending modes: Normal, Lighten, Darken.
  • Line Tool
    The Sumopaint line tool supports shape trails and shape effects options.
  • Curve Tool
    The Sumopaint curve tool supports shape trails and shape effects options.
  • Zoom Tool
    Sumopaint Zoom offers unlimited levels of magnification and a possibilty to use anti-alias while zooming.
  • Selection Modify
    The select menu has the following selection modifying tools: border, feather, expand and contract. The selection can be inversed as well.
  • Color Picker
    The Sumopaint Color Picker is extremely simple and easy to use! You can switch between the foreground and the background colors and also type in the color as a hexadecimal value.
  • Swatches
    Sumopaint has a color swatch palette of web-safe colors.
  • Saving images with multiple layers
    The Sumopaints own Sumo-account supports saving images with multiple layers and blending modes.
  • Select Pixels
    Click "Select Pixels" from the layer panel options menu to make a new selection from the layers alpha. You can also select pixels by choosing Select / Select Layer Alpha from the top menu.
  • Dragging images to SUMO Paint app
    You can open any image in SUMO Paint app by dragging and dropping it to the SUMO Paint image.
  • SUMO Paint start view
    SUMO Paint offers easy to use interface and powerful tools for creating and editing art.
  • Support for Cool Iris 3D Gallery
    Sumopaint has a support for the Cool Iris browser plugin. To enable Cool Iris, just surf to users profile page ( and click the Cool Iris icon from your favourite browser and you are ready to go! You can download Cool Iris from

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